iCamp EU - Travel and Accomodations


Eawag, Dübendorf is located just 10 km away of the city of Zürich and 10 km away from the Zürich International Airport. The camp will take place in the Forum Chriesbach building of Eawag.  

Travel from Zürich Airport

Zürich Airport is a 10 minute drive from Eawag. The easiest way to get from the airport to Eawag is by tram No. 12.

After a 30 min drive you will reach your exit stop “Dübendorf, Giessen”. Here you can find information regarding the travel times and cost of tickets of trams, busses and trains in Switzerland. There are several taxi companies available in the airport, as well.

One may consider arriving to Basel Airport instead, where many low-cost flight companies fly. The fastest connection by public transport from Basel airport to Eawag is by bus NFB 50 to Basel main train station, Basel to Zürich direct train, Zürich main station to Zürich Stettbach and from there tram 12 to Dübendorf, Giessen. This results to a bit more than 1.5 h travel time.

Recommended Accommodations

Some hotels offer a special discount for guests of ETH (marked below with an #). As Eawag is within the ETH domain, Islandora Camp attendees may benefit from these discounts. When booking for one of these hotels, please let them know that you are guests of ETH (and Eawag) and you would like to have the ETH/Eawag rate. It is advised to mention this also to any hotel in Zürich or Dübendorf, as they may offer a special rate as well. For ACCoR hotels please mention that you are guest of ETH and “Swiss Government” (marked below with ##).

Hotels in Dübendorf


Hotels in Zürich


There are a variety of restaurants in Zürich City (especially in the “Niederdorf” area), that are all worth visiting. Some examples:

And some close to Dübendorf:

Entertainment / Trips

We highly recommend staying over a few days more to enjoy the beauty of Switzerland. It has something for every taste. Be it a trip to the Alps, a visit to the Zürich museums, or a swim in the river Limmat! Regarding possible hikes and trips you can find information here. The closest mountain to Zürich would be Flumseberg.

If you don't have much time, you could still consider either a boat trip in Zürich lake or a view to the nearest hill Uetliberg for a view of the Alps and the city (weather permitting).

Regarding evening/afternoon activities, you may consider the following: