Updates on the Islandora 7.x-1.3 Release

The latest Islandora release is well underway, following a brand new model of volunteer-led release management. In previous updates I talked about the modules we might add, our call for volunteers, and why we need those volunteers more than ever. Now I'm happy to be able to update you on how the process is going and put out our tentative timeline and plans for the release.


The latest release will see some changes to our list of officially supported modules, with two removals and ten additions.

Modules Removed

  • Islandora IP Embargo - there are unresolved issues with how this interacts with other modules.
  • Islandora Solr Views - this module does not respect the latest changes in how security is handled, so users may get search results that they are not authorized to see.

New Modules

  • Islandora Sync - allows for the creation of Drupal nodes from Fedora content, to better leverage Drupal modules
  • Islandora Solr Metadata - new and improved metadata display
  • Web Archive Solution Pack - store and manage your WARC files
  • Islandora Checksum - adds Checksumming to Islandora objects
  • Checksum Checker - adds automated re-checking of Islandora Checksums
  • Islandora PREMIS - PREMIS support in Islandora
  • Islandora BagIt - export bags in Islandora
  • Islandora XML Sitemaps - expose your Islandora contant to search engines via a sitemap. Works especially well with Google Scholar.
  • Islandora Scholar - a suite of modules to turn Islandora into an institutional repository
  • Image Annotation Solution Pack - create and store annotations on standard image formats


Our volunteers numbers are excellent, with 32/40 modules claimed by Component Managers, eight dedicated testers ready to break our first release candidate, and one stellar Release Manager: Nick Ruest. We are still seeking Component Managers for the remaining modules and we'd love to have more testers. We'll be providing a release VM for testing to anyone who wants it.


On March 6th, our Release Team met for the first time to hash out a plan for how the release should go. This included picking some tentative dates for release milestones.

Code Freeze

On March 17th, we will freeze the release code to all but bug fixes and build a Release Candidate VM for testing. We expect to go through at least one more release candidate (and round of testing) based on the results of this first run, before we get to the final release.


Our anticipated (or aspired to?) release date for Islandora 7.x-1.3 is April 24th. Naturally, this date may have to be revised to reflect the realities of a release process that we've never tried before, but we've got ourselves a goal.