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Now that Islandora 8 1.0.0 is out, it's time to start looking ahead to the next release. Help us prioritize which features to work on next by filling out this survey and letting us know what you need from Islandora 8.

Islandora is an open-source software framework designed to help institutions and organizations and their audiences collaboratively manage, and discover digital assets using a best-practices framework.  Islandora was originally developed by the University of Prince Edward Island's Robertson Library, but is now implemented and contributed to by an ever-growing international community.

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Islandora 8 Now Available

1 week 5 days
The Islandora Foundation is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Islandora 8 version 1.0.0!  This is an important milestone for the Islandora project, and is a testament to our wonderful and vibrant community.  Built using Drupal 8 and Fedora 5, Islandora 8 faithfully integrates the two as invisibly as possible, giving an experience that is both more Drupal-y and more Fedora-y at the same time.
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Islandoracon 2019 Logo Design Contest

2 weeks 5 days

One of the features of Islandora events is the t-shirt given to all attendees. Every camp has its own logo, and so does each conference. We want to give a free registration and an extra t-shirt to the Islandoracon attendee who comes up with the best logo to represent our second conference.

Here are the first two:

Islandoracon logo   

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Islandora 8 Post-Release Webinar

3 weeks 5 days

Islandora 8 will be released at the end of the month, on May 31st. Islandora's Tech Lead Danny Lamb is working with our amazing team of volunteers to fit every last feature they can complete and test before the deadline drops. If you're new to Islandora 8, have been waiting for a full release before you try it out, or are just plain curious about this new version of Islandora, we invite you to join us for a webinar on June 6th.

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