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Islandora is a diverse community of information practitioners, librarians, service providers, and developers. No matter what your skillset or background, there’s a place for you here.

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Islandora seeks to foster open, warm communication and consensus-based decision-making.

All communication on Islandora channels is subject to Islandora’s Code of Conduct.

Event Calendar

This calendar contains links to meetings and events held in the Islandora community. Historical events are archived alongside our previous website.

Registration is now open for July's in-person IslandoraCon!

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Channels of Communication

Islandora’s community has many channels for communication, you can view or join them below.

Google Group

Contains general posts, announcements, and information, as well as questions about how to use Islandora.

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Github Issues

Use the issues queue to find an issue, report a bug, suggest a use case, or look for collaborators.

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Islandora also communicates over multiple channels in our Slack organization, this is a great place to start a conversation.

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Github Discussions

Github Discussions provide a space to provide thoughts on open questions raised by the Islandora community.
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Islandora Organization

Islandora's organization is designed to foster distributed processes that produce a more equitable and lower-context communication culture, and lead to a more robust, resilient, and transparent community and codebase.

The Islandora Leadership Group

  • Resources, supports and communicates with all the other groups
  • Integrates community feedback into the Foundation’s strategic direction and Roadmap
  • Builds consensus and resolves conflicts
  • Organizes fundraising and membership drives
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The Islandora Committers Group

  • Has special permissions for code management in Github and other community platforms
  • Helps the community
  • Mentors new developers and identifies new committers
  • Collaborates with the Technical Advisory Group for future software directions
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The Islandora Coordinating Committee

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The Islandora Board

  • Manages legal and administrative issues
  • Stewards the By-Laws
  • Forms groups in service of the development of Islandora code and community
  • Organizes the Annual General Meeting
  • Completes financial reporting
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The Islandora Ambassador Group

  • Supports newcomers at Islandora events
  • Act as available contacts for questions about Islandora
  • Spread the word about Islandora to relevant communities!
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The Technical Advisory Group

  • Chairs the weekly open Tech calls
  • Organizes community sprints
  • Collaborates on technical challenges
  • Advises on future software directions
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Community Members are people and organizations working together on the Islandora ecosystem. Any community member may form an Interest Group on a particular topic providing a forum for information exchange, mentorship and development within an area of interest.

Interest Groups are for things like: reporting findings, submitting code, creating documentation, and making recommendations to the Islandora Coordinating Committee (ICC). Interest Groups can access support from the Islandora Committers group, and when so recognized, have first right of refusal on community and code projects that intersect with the stated area of interest.

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How can I contribute?

For your software contributions to be included complete the contributor license agreement and make pull requests to the appropriate repository in the Islandora Foundation Github.
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