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For general questions please fill out the contact form. This form goes to the inbox which is maintained by Islandora staff and volunteers.

Have a technical question? You may want to try our user support group for the quickest response. Below are other channels for asking questions of the community.

The Islandora Foundation
465 University Avenue
PO Box 21104 Charlottetown Market
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 1A0, Canada

Channels of Communication

Islandora’s community has many channels for communication, you can view or join them below.

Google Group

Contains general posts, announcements, and information, as well as questions about how to use Islandora.

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Github Issues

Use the issues queue to find an issue, report a bug, suggest a use case, or look for collaborators.

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Islandora also communicates over multiple channels in our Slack organization, this is a great place to start a conversation.

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Github Discussions

Github Discussions provide a space to provide thoughts on open questions raised by the Islandora community.
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